Planet Underground / American Locator Magazine Website

Worked in tandem with an external marketing agency in developing the latest version of the company website in 2019, designed with WordPress in a news blog format with a focus on published articles from American Locator Magazine. Subscribers to the print version of AL received full access to all online articles as well. My duties included management of all articles, graphics and design related coding/style changes on the site after its initial launch. I also took the lead on management of all site subscriptions, invoicing and correspondence with customers, utilizing WordPress Woo Commerce integration.

The site also provides customers/clients with access to past articles, information on company events and ways to sponsor or advertise with Planet Underground and American Locator. I made use of Google Suite / Drive to allow storage and access to company Media Kit and other digital download products from the site.

Platforms/Plugins Used: WordPress, Elementor, Woo Commerce

Yurumein: Homeland – website

Yurumein: Homeland is a documentary film produced by director Andrea Leland in 2013.

I designed the home site for the film to reflect the colorful tropic themes and hues of Caribbean culture and maintain an easy to navigate flow of information. The site was designed to also link the visitor to other films by Andrea and ways to purchase these online. She also wished to allow visitors to easily join her mailing list on Caribbean culture topics and be able to make donations to future film projects. Screenings are listed where the film is shown to a live audience both in the U.S. and abroad.

A page from the site below.

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