Riverview Historic District

2008 Design for neighborhood street banners, created in Adobe Illustrator from wall rubbing, drawn translation and scan of actual vintage wallpaper uncovered from neighborhood home. Art Nouveau period styling. Home dates from early teens of 20th century.

Public broadcast web designs

A view of my earliest web page designs, still favorites from my work at Public Interactive in Boston in the late 90s. Web design has come a long way!

Savvy Traveler home page
















Web Banners


Morning Sun

Charcoal on paper, 1992. Still life study.
A large drawing from the sunroom of my apartment during college days in art school.
Hats (like the one hanging off the canvas in background) have always been a favorite clothing item!

One Fine Day

View One Fine Day

3ds Max animation, butterfly arrives for a drink at the bird bath.
I used photographs of the flowers and scenery around the home and recorded live bird sounds captured in the garden!